Thursday, November 1, 2007


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Poor Little Dinosaur!!! I thought that by dressing Josh up as a FIERCE DINOSAUR would convince him that he's not scared of ANYTHING......well, I thought wrong...he was still afraid of Kiddie Kandids and ALL their staff!! Although the pictures were a COMPLETE FLOP, he is still the cutest little dino I've ever laid eyes on! None of the pictures were good enough to buy, but I especially love this "Depressed Dino" picture--very, VERY sad, but SO CUTE!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Truth...

Okay, let it be known, we are just boring people right now! There just isn't much to tell about these days....hopefully things will get more exciting soon! Ben has spent literally every waking moment this summer on converting Linden Nursery's newly acquired, SuperBowl- Bowling Alley into Maeser Prep School, a charter school for grades 9-12. And in his spare time...(HA!) he is involved with his calling as YM President. So you can image how much we see each other! Josh and I try to visit Dad at work daily - whether for dinner or just to see the progress on the building. All this work for Ben makes me a "single parent" (as Ben's mom puts it). I was LUCKY enough to have a friend invite me to share a half-day spa retreat with her....her treat! What? Who does that?? I was very grateful that she was so giving- it was a very welcomed 3 hours of rejuvenation and relaxation! Other than that, Josh and I spend lots of time playing, reading , playing some more and cleaning food off the floor! Luckily we know that this crazy schedule will all come to an end soon - classes for the Maeser school are scheduled to start this Thursday, the 23rd. However, I won't bank on him being home early until a few weeks after that, but yes, there is an end in sight. YAY! It has just made me very grateful for Ben's normal schedule and being able to spend time together as a family. This summer will definitely not go down as one of our most exciting summers, no fun trips to tell about and the daily routine is hardly exciting! BUT we can't complain about the goodness of life, family and friends!

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Joshua turned 1 year old on July 17th. It was a bittersweet day....a sweet and happy day for obvious reasons- happy that we can now switch from formula to cow's milk and save some money, happy that Josh now gets to face forward in his car seat, happy that Ben and I survived our first year of trial-and-error parenting. The bitter because he was sick with the croup (in July, what??) so he wasn't a very happy birthday boy.
We still had his party that night, hence the sad face and tears in ALL the pictures. And now we know for next year...out of all his fun gifts and new toys, his balloons were his favorite! Next year we will just wrap a bunch of balloons and call it good! He couldn't bare to part with his balloons....even for his bath!
Happy Birthday Big Boy!

Looking Back

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

"Brainwashing".....according to Grandma

Josh has been extremely clingy lately - more so than normal, I think we are experiencing the fabulous "separation anxiety" phase. I SO wanted him to be happy and excited to see/meet his Grandma and Grandpa Platt when they came home from their 3 year mission to Brazil. So, I pondered how I could get him to willingly and happily let them hold him. About a month before they came home, I devised a plan of action. I put their picture down low on a shelf that Josh often pulled himself up to. When ever I found him looking at the picture, we would talk about Grandma and Grandpa Platt -where they were and what they were doing there and the best part - that they were coming HOME soon! I told him how much they loved him and were so excited to hug him, he would smile and then crawl away to find the nearest ball! (he has quite the obsession!) I told Ben's mom what I was doing to "prepare" Joshua for their homecoming, she laughed (and maybe cried...) and told me that she hoped the Brainwashing worked!! It always made me smile when I would find him gazing at his Grandparents!!

Getting used to all this STUFF....

So, after posting once, I lost all motivation to keep up on the blog. I think I got overwhelmed by the amazing blogs of friends and family....who knows!! I would constantly think of what to write and even which pictures I would embellish the post with.....but I just couldn't get myself to sit down and DO IT!! So, Here we go, The Platt Family Blog, TAKE 2!!